Bangalore Girls

Hello folks Its my first experience. I am mothakur now 26years, this happened two years back. Two years back we started constructing house in Bangalore .to the side of my house on first floor one family residing. In that one girl called radhika of age 23years.very beautiful. Lean. Sexy figure. With medium sized boobs but stiff.

First time ,I seen her when I came to monitor the house. That time she wearing apron, I thought doctor. But by first look only I loved her. Like this I started seeing her daily. And she also is seeing me. When our house inaugurated, we settled their, then she become close to my family. But never spoken to her. One day, when i gone to top floor, from her house she wiped her hands asking, no one is there .can I come like. But moment I afraid and said no one by sign. then she came as if not known anything and started taking to me then she asked to meet her in park next day, I said ok.and she tempted me lot. When we met next day morning .we sat in a park next to each other. While talking slowly, I holded her hands , she coped to me then putted hand on over her neck, she been quite, then slowly pushed my hand to her balls in the silver comige, she laughed and supported I played with it for some time, then we stopped here b.cos I affarided. Then she told to come tomorrow evening to the same spot. Actually this park, one side it is totally isolated and in nights it is dark. When we met next day night ,she told we go to darker place. So on bike we went. And started talking there, now I was tempted slowly dragged her kissed her. Then removed her salver batons, it is front botton, she weared purposefully for this purpose only. Then seen her white bra inside apples, then started sucking it for long time it is very good. Then we went off. After one week she called once again and met same place now as such last time I started sucking her balls. 

And slowly putted hand on her thighs and moved top. Now I able touch her pussy. But suddenly shocked that the silver comige’s pant is tarred and I can touch her pusssy, then I asked it is tarred, then she said it is warred purposefully, there by, I can put hand there directly. Now I tempted unable to control then at this time she putted hand in my pant removed my big long rod started pressing it. Then told her to put in to her mouth then she started enjoying it.for long time we enjoyed. Lastly, I told her meet tomorrow, next day I took maruthi van .now we went same place and started the same thing as that of last ,finally, I made her necked in car and slowly brought my penis and pulled in to her it is virgin very tight and struggled hard to insert then got inserted then started jerking it and she started ooooh…..oooooooh………..ooh………ooooooooh. it becomes wet and loose and fucked her for ˝ an hour then released the leakage in to her mouth. now she got bleeding at her pussy b.cos she is virgin and she told that, she satisfied v.much. b.cos mine is big and long, which touches the inner parts of pussy, there by she got more satisfaction.

She told that ,the day one she tried to meet me and get shots from me b.cos she told I am very tall and handsome any girls by seeing gets tempted. So she unable to control and tried like mad girl.

i will tell next part next time until then bye. Any girls from Bangalore likes to have kindly write with details and photo if i like then only ,

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