Love Or Lust

I would like to narrate a real story – which is almost 10 years old – I don’t know whether I should call it a love story or lust for sex. But till date I am not able to forget her – every day at least 3 to 4 times she comes on my mind – and I start wondering – is it love or lust.

Let me start from the day I met her. She used to live next door – that time she had just moved in and she was hardly 14 years old. I would see her playing around in her house – and whenever our eyes met – she used to give me a cute smile – I used to smile back, taking her as a small child, but I never though she would be my love after some years. Whenever I came home, I would she her standing outside, and the same smile on her face. Almost 2/3 years went by like this and now we were on talking terms, just simple talk about school and friends – at that time she used to learn dancing, and she was a good dancer indeed, she used to dance on stages and functions. 

Now she had started showing signs of growing and I could easily see her nipples pointing out of her dress and the way she used to act while talking to me. One day she came to our house to make a telephone call, and while speaking on the phone she asked for a pen, I went to my room and got her a pen. Later after finishing her call she came to my room to return the pen. I asked her how were her dance classes going – she said they were fine, and coolly gave me the pen back – I looked at her and caught her hand and asked her to sit – she smiled and folded her skirt and sat down, actually I was more interested in looking at her breasts than talking to her – my continuous stare made her uncomfortable but still she sat. I slowly touched her head and pulled her my way – she did not object or resist to my advances. She fell on my shoulder – I lightly kissed her cheeks – she gasped and let out a sigh. I slowly pulled her more and planted a kiss right on her lips – suddenly she surprised me catching and giving me a big kiss too. Taking this for a green signal I caught her boobs in my hand and gave a deep squeeze – she left herself completely and let me do it all my way. 

As I was trying to put my hand inside her top – I heard a shout – it was her mother calling her, she got up a started running, and she was gone. I sat there dump, thinking whatever happened “ was it real, or a dream ?” By this time my cock was standing out, and started hurting me – I could not sit – I went to the bathroom and gave it a good massage and shot my load. Now I had started planning how to get her back to my room for a through out job. I did not have to wait very long as the fire was on both sides. After about 8/10 days she again to my house to make a phone call – I let her in and went to my room – thinking how to get her there. But she had planned everything – she went to my mother and asked for the telephone directory to find a number – my mom gave it to her – and she came to my room and asked me to find a number for her, she was smiling all the time, giving me indications that I can whatever I liked with her. I took the directory from her and asked her to sit – she was wearing a loose frock, and her boobs very standing out straight, pointing at me. AS soon she sat down I put my hand on her thighs and started moving up and down and talking to her, about the information she required, she too was talking to me – but her eyes were on my hand. I kissed her again on her lips and pushed my hand up to her cunt – and as I touched her panties – she gasped again. I then realized the door was open and anyone at home might just barge in – so I slowly got up and checked where were everyone else, after checking I came back and closed my door, but did not bolt it, as the bolt was a bit rusty and would have made a noise.

 I again took my position and my hand was back to her panties, and other hand I put on her breasts, when I realized that she was not wearing a bra, she had planned everything. I was squeezing her and kissing her – she slowly mover her hand on my pant and was rubbing my cock. I moved a bit to give her more room to circle my cock. I motioned her to put her hand inside my pants. I dare not open my pants, as the door was not bolted. She opened the zip slowly and had me free. I motioned her to suck it but she did not understand – as first of all she had never seen a live cock. She was just massaging it and enjoying the pleasures of it. I put my hand on her head and pulled her down, she went down but did not know what I wanted her to do, by this time my hand was in her frock and I was enjoying the rounded breasts and plucking at her cunt lips. She was liking all this and was pressing my hand, to tell me to squeeze her harder – I was glad to oblige her. Now I finally told her to lick my cock – she looked at me and smiled – I smiled back and said ‘ please ‘. She slowly went down and licked my cock slowly, I got the feeling that I was in another world, I forgot everything and was enjoying her licks, when she caught my hand again and motioned me to squeeze her – I resumed to my work.  

Slowly she put her mouth on my cock and sucked me – I could not hold back I pressed her head on my cock – she got the sign that I liked this way – she started to suck me now and only after 10 / 15 sucks I was ready to explode – I thought of telling her to leave it, but the joys held me back and I exploded in her mouth. I was more surprised to see her sucking me more now and sucked all the come from my cock, and slowly got up and smiled at me. I was so pleased to have a wonderful suck – which I had no words to say to her. I smiled at her and resumed to my duty of fingering her cunt – she now lay back on the bed and started humping back on my finger, I went on and within few minutes she was shaking wildly and caught my fingers and motioned me to insert it in – I tried to do – but her hole was very small – I lubricated it with the cum and slowly tried to insert it in – she did not move at all but lay there motionless, I knew that she had finished her orgasm, I bend on her and kissed her – and the salty taste on my cum was still on her mouth. 

I got up and stuffed my cock in and adjusted her panties and frock, suddenly I wanted to her leave, scared someone might come in. She too got this hint and got up and adjusted her hair, smilingly kissed me again, giving me the same taste again. I opened the door and looked to see if the line was clear, making sure everything was okay, I motioned her to go, and she was gone, giving me the same feeling of a dream.This in all how it started, and will tell you all my episodes in 3 or 4 parts – so wait for the second story.