Me , Myself And Reena

Hi everybody this is sameer (24), Living in the garden cityi.e Bangalore.i m a regular reader of &i have been throu lot of your stories and got erotic feeling ,so now i'm going to share my real incident with all of you and Iwant you togive me a good feedback about this. It all started when i was 20,& Reena was 4 years elder than me & She was working in an Architect office ,she was draught woman (those who draw plans of building ) & I was appointed to assist her,that was very small office ,in the sense we were only 3 persons working there ,Reena, sajid(draughtman) ,& me . 

My Height is 5feet 1 inch , Incidently this was same of Reena ,this was almost like love at first sight when i saw Reena for the first though she was not good in figure but any man who sees her can't help seeing her again that was the case with me i found her very erotic & I started Masturbuting thinking of her, it went on for four months but I was never serious about it leave alone having sex, I dont even thought of even touching her. After 4 months my collegue Sajid got sick &was absent for more than a month , & our boss always used to be in the field now obviously Myself & Reena was working in office, one day while assisting her incidently when i went to take the scale in her table my left hand touched her boobs,even though she felt my hand on her boobs she acted like it didn't. It was the first signal i got from her, that night I didn't slept for whole night ,Was thinking about how I should, & what should my next step be. Next day When I went to office to my surprise I saw that she had well dressed ,& with jasmine flower in her Beautiful silky hair,(I had told her before that i like girls with jasmine in their hair ) I thought this was the chance I was waitng for and Immediately Complimented her by telling that U R looking Georgious today, she said thanx in return. 

That day while working I asked her what is the reason today you are looking so good she didn't say anything. Oh man Let me tell you the fragrance of the flower was making me mad and I was not able to concentrate on anything ,and was about to touch her ,suddenly my boss came & we were as usual working , I saw her face by seeing her I saw the feeling that she was not happy ,since she was also expecting something to happen by my side.that full day our boss was in the office so I was not able to talk anything ,and in the evening we left for the day , while leaving the office I saw very erotic feel in her eyes ,Now this was the second night I am spending sleepless . Next Day i went to office very early , she came after 1/2 hour ,Ohh man.... she was in full glow today with her hair open , the same georgeous look which she had yesterday with Jasmine in her Silky hair,now really i Became mad as soon as she came we both wished each other and she started the incomplete work which she left yesterday now she was busy in drawing & i was busy in my work suddenly she called me "sameer if you dont mind please give me glass of water , I know that this just a reason to call me near her, I went to pantry & came with glass of water .,now was the time, while giving the glass i touched her hand I can feel that she was breathing Very Heavy, i asked her that if she was not feeling or can i do anything for you she said no thankyou. But Iwas really excited & I kept my hand on her shoulder she didn't say anything , then i slowly started to do like massaging her this went on for 3-4 minutes she was acting like I M not doing anything to her , While doing this I got erected , I was in full swing ,now came the Question in very sweett Voice that sentence which I 'll remember for ever she asked why are doing like this to me,I replied in very low voice , how are U feeling Reeeeeena .,she again asked me why am i doing this to her , let me tell you she is very innocent girl,she doesn't know anything about sexual activities.,To be frankly at that age even i didn't had knowledge of sexual activities.

This same things happened for 2-3 days , one day I remember that it was saturday & it was half day working for us as we are leaving for the day& office keys used to be with me till now the situation was we used to hug & Kiss each other only in cheeks,she was about to leave I hugged her & started kissing she also started to responed me. Her boobs was touching my chest After 10 minutes I asked her to make a call to her residence & make some reason , So that we can programme together to go somewhere , Initially she didn't agree but then she called her home & told that she'll come home late . Then i thought what should we do then I told her "let us go to any movie , she agreed for that , Now I made the plan to go to possible empty theatre in the city . To my luck there was a Old Kannada movie was showing in of the hall ,we went to that movie ,after entering the hall the movie started. After 10 minutes my hand started to go towards her ,then I felt silkness of her hand ,by now I can feel she was breathing very heavily ,I went close to her & now our concentration was moving from Movie to Each other now my hand was Eager to travel through her body & at first my hand went to the most favourite place of every man the rightside boob & I started to press her boobs very hard,Now she started to respond me ,she slowly kept her one hand on my thigh & other twisting in my hairs ,now my hand was travelling towards her navel. She had decent size boobs for her age.

She had a marble like body,so soft , Now Iwanted to undress her i told her to remove the clothes as i was unable to do that she agreed and started to undress herself while she was doing this i was thinking what should be my next step ,she undressed her top , & she was ready for me I kissed her whole upper body ,my hand went down & tried to untie her lower, ,she caught my hand & told me not to that but i was not in mood to hear her and untied her lower part ,oooooohh boyyy Iwas really surprised to see hair in that area till that day I was unaware that girls get hairs in that area in the excitement I asked her that do you also get hairs in this area she just knooded her head, I placed my hand in her pussy ,now came the moan in her sweet voice oooooooooohhhhfffffffaaaaa!!!! ssssaaameeeer! her pussy full wet & so hot that i was scared and took back my hand but she suddenly took my hand kept their and said "do the same thing sameer ''after her Request i cant stop now i pressed very hardly my middle finger was full inside her pussy then i started make my finger UP & DOWN Sshe was moaning comm'on do it ........ do sssssssaaaaameerrr ! now I placed her hand my dick she told to open my zip as she wanted to see my dick I told her "Dear Reena you do it yourself ,she started to unzip me she put her hand inside my undy... and took my hard dick in her hands after seeing my dick she complimented for the size ,then she started to play with my tool while playing with that see said "that i feel like i m changing the car gears sameeeeeeeeerrrrrr! I instantly laughed at her innocency, then i told her to kiss my dick she bowed her head towards my dick & kissed head of my tool , still I was keeeping my middle finger in her pussy , now i told her to give a blowjob (I know about blowjob as i had been told by one of my friend ) but she refused to do that instead she started kissing my cock, while she was doing that I pressed her head towards my cock and my full cock was in her mouth and she started doing the job. 

The way she was doing that she was Enjoying it at that moment the action went on very delicately she is doing the job as she is proffessional in this,she begin to do it Very Fast at this moment my dick was rock hard and full of her saliva juice in it ,I was about to Cum so I told her to take her mouth from my dick , she was about to take her mouth from it and I cummed in her face and some part of her Neck,then she took her Hanky and cleaned my cum and asked me ''what is this sameer its so hot '' I explained the whole thing about the cum . After the blow job which she gave me she was feeling tired she kept her head in my shoulder, I asked her ''How does it felt to take my cock in her mouth ,since she was 4 years older than me she spoke frankly and said that was very good feeling ,and said '' sameer your dick is tooo hard & toooo big I have never seen a man's Dick sameer'' It was good to hear that from her. Now i begin to seduce her & I kept my lips into her lips this was the first time we kissed like this & she responded very well,I was playing with her Boobs again,her nipples were becoming harder,I licked it fully her boobs were full of my saliva juice,I kept my right hand in her thigh and i said her to spread her legs ,I kept my mouth on her pussy and play with my tongue ,and my one hand was in her ass hole and one pressing her boobs she was enjoying ti like something and she was moaning "Apppppppppppaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhsssaaaaaammeeerrrr! I begin to toungue fuck her I did that that in very Unique way then came the voice'' sameer i M cumming i M cumming'' then the juice started to flow.I came back to my seat. 

Now she begin to Play with my balls,while playing she pressed my balls very hardly "OOuucccchh eeeay Reena dont do that was my reply" then I responded her again by squeezing her boobs,then licking her nipples again I placed my middle finger in her wet pussy it is as hot as valcano, and I pressed it Hard she moaned aaaaaahuuuufffffffsssssssssssss!!!!ssssssssaaaaaaammmmerrrrrr do it sameer you are so sweet do it do it ,we both were enjoying it very delicately ,it went on &on & on I was in my full pace then she started saying aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah sameeer I M cumming I M cumming then she cummed this was the second time she cummed and after that we continued the process we both enjoyed & before Cumming for the 3rd time she gave me a Very good blow job, The nexy day i.e Sunday I went to Sajid's house to see How he is feeling ,when I went to his house, he was alone as his family members were out for Marriage,I told Sajid to arrange the C.D.( XXX movie),he did that ,it was like training session for me that how I should go on with Reena , it was 4 o clock I made a call to Reena's home her mother took the phone , I asked for Reena She called Reena, I told her to come early tommorow to office ,as i have surprise for her,she agreed to come early.

 The next day i.e Monday since I had the office Key, I reached office at 8:40 A.M. then I called to reena's home , the reply was that she already left, I was hapy to hear that , after the XXX movie that I had seen yesterdayI was in full moood! Let me tell you Iwas bit nervous also , It was 9:05 she entered the offce ,she was looking very beautiful ijust anted to eat her , she was in RED salwar kameez & as usual jasmine in her hair , she asked me "sameer why did you called me so early" I said just wait &watch dont talk,NO theory only Practicals today " we had lot of time to enjoy ,as our usually comes late on monday and before that nobody use to visit our office . We had audio in the office I played ENIGMA ,as the music started I begin to seduce her,I hugged her and kept lips in her lips she begin to respond me &kiss me all around the face,We were just watching each other. I moved my hand and rested it on her cheeks. I could see lust in her eyes and an eagerness to get satisfaction. I moved my hands on her eyes, her ears, her nose, and her lips. I put one of my fingers in her mouth. She opened her mouth giving me warmth of her juices. She moved her tongue over my finger and started sucking it. I felt her as if she is sucking my Lund and giving me fine treatment. I took out my finger from her mouth as it was unable me to hold on. Even her boobs were moving in and out with her breaths. I moved my hands down along her silky hands and she was getting very much aroused. A cry came out her deep throat, Aaaaaah Ooooooooh Appppppaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!THE SOUND FILLED IN THE AIR .with the music playing in background we were getting much aroused ,I told her to turn back & took of her top ,& begin to kiss in her back portion,then I took of bottom , now she was half naked in red Bra & red Pantywhich is partly wet,I started to lick her lips even faster making her more crazy. By this time my Lund was pressing her wet pussy.

I moved my hands to her butts and caressed them tightly making her struck to me closely. Her breasts were touching my chest giving me pleasure. I made my hands move on her butts in a circular fashion. She hugged me tightly and moved her hands on my back, while kissing &licking her body I took a bite of her stomach.

She moaned UUUUhhhhhhhhhssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmeeeeeeeerrrrrr !!!!!!!!! I was suppose to give her surprise ,but BOOy it was for me , Iwas kissing & licking her stomach area,& I was kneel down ;straight opposite to her pussy , she herself suddenly took of her panty, and now BOOY ,this was mostt memorable seen of my life, & festival for my eyes, I can't believe what i m seeing , OOOOOh ,,,offffffffff, Her cunt was fully shaved , Exposing her pink vertical lips. It was really a festival for my eyes & senses,she had applied body spray over there,fragrancewas making me mad. Now I begin to kiss her vertical lips, she kept her hand on my head and pressed towards her cunt,and moaning do it ,do it sameer you are so sweet do it do it ,Iwas toungue Fucking her,then igot up,I put one of my fingers in her mouth. She opened her mouth giving me warmth of her juices. She moved her tongue over my finger and started sucking it. I felt her as if she is sucking my Lund and giving me fine treatment. I took out my finger from her mouth as it was unable me to hold on. Even her boobs were moving in and out with her breaths.

I moved my hands down along her silky hands and she was getting very much aroused. A cry came out her deep throat, Aaaaaah Ooooooooh sssssssssaaaaameeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!! aappppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooh!! Now it was her Round she took off my shirt ,then my pant,she left her right hand in my underwear took out my dick & said sameer it why is it so hot , I said Jaan It is waiting from long to meet that is the reason,my dick was hard rock and staring at her ,I came close to Reena & said her stand on my feet ,Now my lund touching her pussy , I held my lund with my hand kept properly in her cunt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsammmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr as moan from her ,she was rolling her eye balls seeing top with closed Eyes ,we both were fully naked & sweating severely. I told her to turn back ,because i wanted to fuck her now , but I was not aware of how exactly should I start, anyhow she turned back,now the mountain like BUNS were in front of me Hiding her ass hole , I Kept my Lund in between them pointing to her ass hole ,and pressed to Dig deep But AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!was the screamin her Maximum loud voice that scared that someone would come into office hearing this but doesn't happen. She was really a virgin & was not able to take that ,my dick was not able to enter her.and I pushed it forcibly but she started crying no no no sameer it's paining, mean while the sweet juice was flowing from her cunt,then I agreed that I 'll not fuck her, then i laid in floor and told her to take the 69 position ,she didn't understand how to do that,then I explained & she took the position,it was really a pleasent feeling in 69 position mentally & physically thinking she has your lund in her mouth &you are licking her Pussy ,she gave me a very good blow job we both cummed together,we were sweating like we had bath.

Though I was happy of doing all these thing ,but was very sad of not FUCKING her , now that is what I call Me ,Myself (My dick) & Reena missed the fortune by centimetres. NOwany girls,aunty, bhabhis ,if youwant tohave sex with me I m in bangalore please feel free to mail me at (secrecy will be maintained &expected)