Well, I finally finished moving into my new house about two months ago. And boy, what a job. I am glad all the boxes and everything are unpacked and put away. After moving from my college apartment and leaving my two roommates behind, I really looked forward to moving to Denver and starting a new life on my own. The new job was really great, but the night life was a little slow. One thing about my new house is that it's so quite all the time. About a month ago I met another neighbor in the park and she had the most beautiful Dane I have ever seen.

She bought him from someone else for companionship, but admitted he was a pretty good watchdog to have around also. She came over to my new house for a visit, and admitted she really was in a fix though. Her job sometimes required her to go out of town for overnight jaunts, and she hated to leave her dog alone. Of course, I really didn't feel that I was set up for a dog so large, but leaving him alone seemed so cruel. So I told her the next time she had to go, ring me and I might be willing to "dog-sit" for her. Well, right then she mentioned that on the next Thursday she was leaving for Kansas City, and would be back Monday afternoon. So, I agreed to give it a try, and off they went, happy for the time so well planned. Well, Thursday afternoon, she brought Damon over. Along with him came a large leash of course, and his food and water tray. She promised to be back as soon as possible, and left for the airport. Damon sat at the door for a while, as if waiting for her to walk back in, but after a while he started nosing around the house and found himself a comfortable spot on the living room floor. After we both had our dinner, I went into the living room for some television.

Damon came over to my feet and curled up around my ankles. That night, he slept at the foot of my bed. Friday afternoon after work, I had almost forgotten he was there. When I came in through the door, Damon jumped up on me, almost scaring me to death, licking my face. He followed me all around the house, watching me as I had a few beers and began to fix dinner. After our dinner, I sat on the couch in the living room. About 10 or so, ( and 10 or so beers ) Damon jumped up on the couch and lay down beside me. I didn't mind him on the couch really, as his coat is short and he is very clean. He was chewing on his toy, and I playfully took it away and tossed it across the living room floor. He chased after it, all 150 pounds of him. He brought it back to me and layed it in my lap for another throw. We played toss for a while until he tripped over my beer and it spilled over on the floor on the carpet. I went to the kitchen and returned with a towel to wipe it up. I rubbed the beer out of the carpet and the bottle rolled up under the couch. I had to get down on my knees to reach under to get at it.

I really hadn't noticed Damon. When I got down on my hands and knees, he mounted me! At first I was concentrating on reaching the bottle and I thought he was still playing. But as I reached up under the couch further, I could feel his forepaws reach around my waist. As I began backing out, I could feel him start to hump against my rear, making motions like he was really fucking me!!! I blushed as I got up from the floor, and returned to the kitchen. I threw the bottle in the trash and got another beer from the refrigerator. As I turned around, there was Damon, and I couldn't help but look at him after that encounter. He was just watching me making no further advances. I returned to the living room and sat down with my beer. Damon stood in front of me for a moment, and then jumped up, placing his forepaws on my shoulders. I had a view of his undersides and GOD, there was the most huge hard-on I had ever seen, standing stiff and erect with a large ball about 8 inches from the tip!!! I was almost afraid to move him, but I reached up and took his paws from my shoulders and told him to get down. He jumped right back up in my face, licking my neck and pushing all his weight up on me. As I tried to squirm out from under him, I pushed out sideways on the couch.

Damon immediately came on stronger, bringing his body weight up on me until my legs gave way and my thighs opened up, giving him further encouragement. I held onto his collar, holding his face up out of mine, but I could feel him starting to hump me again, making hard enough thrusts that he was forcing my legs open further and his huge dick was searching for satisfaction. I felt a burning shame in my mind......what if he ???..... no....I couldn't......but he just kept jamming his dick into me leg... ...and I started to get slightly dirty pictures in my mind...... of Damon taking me....satisfying his drive in my...... GOD.....this was un-natural....or was it. Damon seemed to somehow know what I was thinking.....he wouldn't stop thrusting.... ....the picture was clear in my mind now.....and I found myself looking down again at his dick. It was as huge as ever...and I took one hand away and reached down under him and rubbed his chest, quickly working my way down his stomach. He quieted down....waiting??? I finally reached out and grasped his dick....I felt how hard it was....he didn't move away... I had a quick thought, and brought my hand back and spit on it. Then I grasped his dick again and started slowly stroking it. I only had to stroke it a few times to realize what I was doing.....and I made up my mind....... Damon got down and let me remove my panties.

There was no need for teasing or foreplay on my mind was racing, my heart was beating so hard I could hear it out loud...and my face must have turned eighty shades of red as I thought of what my desires were suggesting... Al least with Damon I didn't need to worry about HIM telling... I quickly undressed right there on the couch and wondered how I should do this.....on my back ???....on my hands and knees ???... But Damon was no longer watching....he could smell me.... smell my pussy .... like a bitch in heat......that's what he saw in me.....a bitch in heat ! I got down on the floor in front of the couch on my hands and knees....spreading my knees apart and lifting my ass into the air.... wondering if he could be coaxed onto my back.....when Damon mounted me again....this time there was no turning back... I knew there would be no way to stop this animal once he started....and that only seemed to turn me on more...... Damon's forepaws wrapped around my waist....I could feel him getting into position....his dick was already thrusting...then.... the head of his dick found it's way to my pussy.....THIS WAS IT!!!! IT WAS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN !!!!.....

My mind was going crazy with nothing more than pure lust.....lust....I WANTED to be fucked by him ??? I wanted to be fucked by this animal !!!.....this picture in my mind was driving me crazy with desire.....BEING FUCKED BY A DOG.... Damon's dick was just barely entered into me now....I could feel him start to hump a little hump and then ...BOOM.....he rammed it in !!!!! NO STOPPING like my boyfriends ..... right away everything was just rammed in .......deep.....and almost all the way out......and then IN AGAIN....Damon's 150 body just continually kept ramming his dick into me......I spread my knees further, lowering my ass..and then I could feel it getting deeper into was so BIG !!.....GOD........ he was bucking against me wildly now.....I was close to getting off too. ...Then I felt something strange.....the ball on his was ramming up against my pussy opening....he was trying to get that in too..... No....god.....I can't open up that much.....but Damon kept right on ramming only thing to do was try and get him off of me.......but Damon GROWLED when I tried move....and then it was IN....shit....shit.....christ ....he had his entire dick jammed into me !!! I buried my face in the carpet.....letting him take me.... there was no way to get him to stop.....oh god....I didn't want him to stop....he was really close to cumming in me now....I could feel his thrusts were quicker....I raised my ass higher....offering him more access to my open pussy........ OFFERING HIM MORE....GOD......I can't believe this !!!... And I wanted him to !! pussy was so wet....I was just beginning to fully realize I was being fucked.......oh that his dick was in me all the was really turning me on more......

He was bucking wildly now......I could feel his strokes speeding feels so good......and then his dick rammed into me all the way......he was cumming !.....I could feel it exploding into me !...... I raised my ass higher offering him all the room I could.... felt so GOOD to feel him squirting in me !.......... I kept lightly humping back and forth on his dick while he held still.....squirting all of his cum into me........ want to know that do send the mail at