Hi to all I am Sadia from Delhi married .Nearly after one month of my marriage my husband has to leave for his job as he works in Gulf .As there were some problems in my passport and visa I could not go with him .I live in Delhi with my sister in law (sister of my husband ).

My sister in law name is Rehana she is very close to me as we are only two in the house .She is 23 year old, height 5’2, figure 38/26/38.I am 24 year old height 5’4, figure 34/24/34.

Rehana works at a computer centre as a faculty .The owner of the centre Vivek Gupta is of around 30 years quite handsome very soft spoken .Vivek used to drop Rehana some time as our home is not far away from his house .Some time I noticed that Vivek and Rehana are very close to each other and like to each other as I saw Vivek pressing Rehana’s hand and staring at Rehana’s boobs .One day when Vivek came to drop Rehana ,she insisted him to have coffee ,Vivek agreed I went to kitchen to prepare coffee when I returned with coffee Vivek was hugging Rehana in his arms and both were busy in kissing and seeing me they separated and after having coffee Vivek left .When Vivek was drinking coffee Rehana was smiling at his condition .

After two days of this incident I have to go beauty parlor and after parlor I have to visit my maternal uncle .So Rehana and I took an auto Rehana dropped  me at parlor .When I visited my uncle I saw his house shut so I have to return .When I returned home around 3’o clock  I saw Vivek car parked in portico .After 5 minutes or so  Rehana opened the door inside there was another guy with Vivek .Rehana introduced him to me .His name was Sanjay well built around 25 years he was also a faculty at the same centre .After 10 or 15 minutes Vivek and Sanjay left they were feeling quite uneasy and same was the condition of Rehana .After they left I went to my room there I saw lying Rehana’s panty when I called Rehana to show her panty .Seeing her panty instead of being ashamed she said “Bhabhi aap kab tak apni jawani ki aag ko dabati rahogi ,jawani mauj ke liye hoti hai khud bhi maze lo aur dusron ko bhi lene do” .”Lekin ye to paap hai main ne kaha to who boli koi paap nahi hai”. (Bhabhi till when will you suppress your sexual desires,

Next day when Rehana was getting ready for her job she told me that there is a vacancy of the counselor at their centre and I should join the same. I said I will reply after consulting her brother she said “oh Bhabhi tum bhi kamal karti ho Bhaiya se main baat kar lungi tum jaldi se tayyar ho jao”.She continued to insist me and at last I have to give up I wore light pink color saree .When I reached the centre Vivek was waiting for me .After asking some general questions he said “Sadia you are appointed and if want you can join from today itself”. I used to sit in the same room as that of Vivek, he used to stare me continuously he used to insist me have my lunch with them and at that time Rehana used to encourage him Vivek used to touch me on some pretext or other .   I observed that Vivek used to look me in a lecherous way and used to trying measure my figure under my dress. This gave me a shiver; however I tried to behave normally.  Slowly and slowly I also attracted towards him .Now I also started teasing him by wearing low cut blouses to enable him to see my breasts I used to bent in front of him to allow him  a better view  .One day Vivek proposed me to have lunch with him and I agreed. He said he would pick me up from centre. I reached there on dot and found Vivek waiting for me. He wished me and took me to the restaurant. He took a table in one secluded corner and ordered for some snacks. By now I knew that Vivek would not do anything, without my initiative so I decided to take initiative and placed my hand on the bulge of his pant his cock was semi erect I massaged his cock now his cock was gaining its length I continued to massaged his cock. This encouraged him and he also started rubbing his leg (under the table) with mine and in the process my sari got lifted up to knees. I was feeling very good and smiled.  His masculine touch was having a peculiar feeling as I was deprived of this since almost a year He squeezed my hand and went to the lobby to book a suite in the hotel. Suddenly his mobile bell rang and he has to go his house as his brother in law met an accident  he was very ashamed and said to me sorry at least a dozen time I persuaded him there is no need to feel sorry and if he want he can come to my home at night for which he  readily agreed .When I reached home Rehana was eagerly waiting me she asked me what happened I told her entire matter she said “oh you missed it and said me don’t worry” .Around 5 in the evening I got a call from Vivek that he will be reaching my home around 9 and Sanjay will also accompany him hearing this Rehana was more than happy .She decorated bedroom with flowers In the bedroom the incense sticks lightened, and on the bed more jasmine flowers were spreaded. Bedroom was full of sweet smell of flowers perfumes and incense sticks

Vivek and Sanjay arrived on time .I wore a silk red sleeveless chudidhar and had worn a little makeup. We talked about our office and then we decided to go for it.Vivek holding my hand in his hand took me to bedroom Sanjay and Rehana both congratulated us Rehana said to Vivek “aaram se lena meri bhabhi ki pure ek saal se pyasi hai bhabhi ki Vivek ne kaha darling don’t worry bahut pyar se chodunga “. Rehana had arranged the bed with flowers and incense sticks and fruits and sweets and so let it be a SUHAG RAAT I went into the room and sat on the bed. Vivek took my hand and kissed it. Then not able to wait any longer he hugged me and started kissing me everywhere. He snaked his tongue into my mouth and we tasted each other’s saliva. Then he got up and passionately held me and started moving his hand against my body. He was rubbing his hard and thick Lund on my choot while kneading my ass. I pulled his head towards me and kissed him all over. He slowly took the top of my chudidhar and there was the twin mounds encased in a silky black bra. I immediately put his mouth on them and he started biting them. He then removed my shalwar and I was only in my undergarments. He removed them too and then put me on the bed which was covered with flowers. The aroma of incense sticks was great. I shaved my pussy early in the morning for him .He removed all my clothes and jumped on top of me. We hugged and kissed each other wildly. We then cooled down. He then started kissing my 34b tits while rubbing his hot & thick Lund around my choot. I was impatient. He then travelled down my navel and kissed me there. He then immediately took a swipe at my choot. I was wet there and he started lapping my pussy like pussy drinks milk

 Vivek hugged me and crushed my boobs badly and also caressed my back. I felt very good and further embraced him tightly. This led to his bulge down below touching my choot.He immediately took my hand there and let me felt it. He kissed me and his tongue started exploring my mouth .He unzipped his pant and took his 8" long hot cock and gave in my hand and I started feeling it. . I felt very good and my choot started releasing honey, he drank all of it. Then I sucked his cock and after 10" when he came and I drank all his juice. After that he positioned himself between my legs and spreading my legs wide apart and inserted his cock deep in my choot, oh, god, it was great feeling getting fucked after eleven months. I held him with great force and started lifting my butt with all force to meet his hungry cock. He was ramming his cock with great speed in my choot by now. After couple of minutes we changed our positions and I was on top of him guiding his cock in my pussy and started jumping on him. I might have come for at least 4 to 5 times by now. Vivek was in no mood to cum and asked me if I could be on my knees, he was too shy to tell me that he wanted to fuck me in a doggy style. I immediately went on my knees and from behind he entered me and started pumping his cock in my choot.When Vivek was about to come he wanted to remove his Lund but I said to him don’t worry come inside me and he ejaculated deep in my choot I was feeling very good he continued to kiss me and praising my beauty after some time we went to bathroom for shower. That night Vivek fucked me three times I came to know what I was missing in my life .Around 12 in the night we came in drawing room to take our dinner in a short time Rehana and Sanjay also emerged from Rehana’s room .Sanjay had a particularly satisfied look on his face and Rehana's salwar kurta and hair were a total mess. She looked exhausted, but she looked like she had fully enjoyed herself.

After having dinner Sanjay and Vivek left .In the next part I will tell you how we make foursome and how Vivek did and Sanjay seduced my younger sister Nadia when she visited me in her summer vacations this year .How Sanjay made Nadia a woman. So guys and gals write me how you like my story .I would like to request to all ladies who are single or whose husband are out of country to make money don’t waste your life fully enjoy it you can help a guy who is not aware of pleasure of sex so write me I can help you in  finding  a guy for you( money seekers gals  and ladies please excuse ) . If any guy or gal  living in Delhi want to meet me mail me my email address is .I would like to hear from broadminded couple who are interested in swapping write with full details as Rehana and I am planning a swap session.