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We are getting huge number of stories and its very difficult for us to publish all at once. Its our request to all stories sender do not send email to us asking when their stories will be publish. The stories which we get today, will publish after 10 or 12 days. First Come First Serve



Story 1204 Story 1109
Story 1203 Story 1108
Story 1202 Story 1107
Story 1201 Lata Interview
Story 1200 Lata Interview
Story 1199 Revenge Over My Aunt
Story 1198 Never Trust On Comdom
Story 1197 Friend Amma Jaan
Story 1196 What Is Wrong
Story 1195 Experience Of Love
Story 1194 Asma And Kamini In Bhahawalpur
Story 1193 Islamabad Say Peshawar Tak
Story 1192 Girl Friend
Story 1191 Best Experience In Life
Story 1190 Babe Of Mysore
Story 1189 Gorgeous Chennai
Story 1188 Meenakshi Bhabie
Story 1187 Fearing Sex
Story 1186 Sex With A Friend
Story 1185 Best Experience
Story 1184 Choti Baji
Story 1183 Sex With Friend Wife Sunita
Story 1182 Ek Choti Si Love Story
Story 1181 Aunty Peek
Story 1180 Sexy Aunty
Story 1179 Any My Cousin
Story 1178 Hungry Teacher
Story 1177 Me And My Wife
Story 1176 The Planet
Story 1175 Maa Ki Behan Kay Mazzay
Story 1174 Actress Of South
Story 1173 Sex With Girl Friend At Her Home
Story 1172 Flying Kite
Story 1171 Sex Study
Story 1170 Fucking Of A Whole Party
Story 1169 My Real Story
Story 1168 Sex With Net Friend
Story 1167 Grandma Visit


Story 68 Shagufta - 1
Story 67 Shagufta - 2
Story 66 Shagufta - 3
Story 65 Baji
Story 64 Masoom Husband
Story 63 Jissay Biwi Banana Chaaha
Story 62 Dewrani Jithani Part 3
Story 61 Dewrani Jithani Part 2
Story 60 Dewrani Jithani Part 1
Story 59 Nisha Ki Aag
Story 58 Jungu Another Experience Of Great Nadra Sanee
Story 57 Sara From Government Commerce College Karachi
Story 56 Saima From Clifton Karachi


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